Atlas Copco QAS 200 Generator | Construction Equipment

The QAS 200 Atlas Copco generator is a new unit, delivering 200 kVA/160 kW. It has a John Deere 6068 diesel engine, and is dual frequency capable.

An AREP alternator excitation system enables quick and easy motor starting, according to the company, providing stable power in less than six seconds.   Diesel Genertors

Atlas Copco QAS 200 Generator | Construction Equipment

The 355-gallon fuel tank allows the QAS 200 to run for 28 hours at 100 percent load or 37 hours at 75 percent load.

The generator has a heavy-duty weatherproof and corrosion resistant canopy. This includes an integrated door sealing system ensuring water-tightness and improved sound attenuation. The standard variable speed fan lowers noise emission, reduces fuel consumption, and provides performance in cold environments.

Available in either a skid mount or trailer mounted configuration, the QAS 200 requires less than two hours of service for every 500-hour service interval. Wire routing in QAS cubicles is neat, clean, service-friendly, and allows for easy access through large access doors and panels, according to the company. An environmentally friendly spillage-free frame is standard. 

Atlas Copco QAS 200 Generator | Construction Equipment

20kva Generator Generators can be linked in parallel with an optional Power Management System (PMS) parallel controller. The PMS controller manages the quantity of generators running in parallel with load demand, starting and stopping units in line with increases or decreases in load. This makes the units more fuel efficient and expands the life of the generator. The controls also feature advanced warning and alert parameters.