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ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Gratitude and generosity can be key components for people struggling to break free from a negative mindset.

And these behaviors are being incorporated by the clients of the Cedar Ridge Behavioral Health Solutions via crafting fleece blankets for the pets housed at the Animal Shelter Society. Pet Beds & Accessories

Pet Blankets - WHIZ - Fox 5 / Marquee Broadcasting

Cedar Ridge Director of Residential Services Crystal Reynolds explained how the small gesture benefits the makers by allowing them to provide for the takers.

“So this is a project that we took on here with our clients… a way for them to give back in the community,” Reynolds said. “And what better way than to make some blankets for the Animal Shelter. Some of the girls here, they didn’t even know that they had a creative bone in their body until they took on this project and… This is our third year doing this and I see this being something that we do for years down the road. So.”

Cedar Ridge Marketing and Special Events Director Deb Brown mentioned how her love of animals led her to the Animal Shelter and how wanting to provide the animals with a less institutional-like setting led to the creation of the collaboration. Animal Shelter Society Executive Director April Gibson noted how both organizations deal with less than ideal circumstances but neither organization gives up on their residents.

“So when clients come to us, they are sometimes homeless, have no support people in their lives or just anyone who has been a positive influence,” Reynolds said. “So when we can take on a project like this, it gives them a sense of purpose. And shows them that I can do good things in the world, I can give back to society and I have a purpose in life.”

The female residents of Cedar Ridge crafted 20 blankets and chew toys. 36 more pet blankets that have been crafted by the male residents of The Landing in Frazeysburg will be donated Friday. 

Gibson said nesting is an important aspect to many animals and that the moisture resistance of fleece makes it the best material to use.

Any donations of fleece for the construction of future pet-blankets can be brought to The Animal Shelter Society of Zanesville or Cedar Ridge Behavioral Health Solutions.

Pet Blankets - WHIZ - Fox 5 / Marquee Broadcasting

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